Reflections on Working with Defenses and Resistances in the Context of Teletherapy


  • Louise Fréchette



teletherapy, face-to-face therapy, resistances, capacities and limitations, research


This article focuses on the challenges we face as bioenergetic therapists when doing teletherapy. It addresses the difficulty of working with defenses and resistances in a context where the client is not physically present and where we only see part of the body through a screen, in a two-dimensional representation (sessions on video) or not at all (phone sessions). It offers practical suggestions to compensate for what cannot be apprehended directly due to distant communication. It also offers some research data on the level of efficacy and on the quality of the relationship, when teletherapy is compared with face-to-face therapy. Finally, it offers practical suggestions with regards to visual fatigue and as well as some elements of understanding Zoom fatigue.

Author Biography

Louise Fréchette

Louise Fréchette is a clinical psychologist, bioenergetic analyst and member of the IIBA Faculty. She is in private practice in Montreal, Canada. Louise has taught as a Faculty member in Canada, USA, France, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Argentina, Brazil and New Zealand, and has been a keynote speaker and panellist at IIBA Conferences. She has also trained in Psychosynthesis and in Eriksonian hypnosis.
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Fréchette, L. (2021). Reflections on Working with Defenses and Resistances in the Context of Teletherapy. Bioenergetic Analysis, 31(1), 23–37.