The Face and Body of the Other


  • Garry Cockburn



archetypal, problem of evil, Oedipus complex, the feminine, “otherness”


The Conference themes of love, healing, connection and authenticity challenge us to articulate how we might make an enlightened response to the eruption of evil, pervasive traumatic suffering, and ecological degradation threatening the world today. We have the resources to do this in our Bioenergetic tradition. Lowen’s scientific and sociological vision as expressed in his most important book, Fear of Life: A Therapy for Being, is foundational. There, he asserts the primacy of the body and human feelings and the archetypal importance of the Oedipus complex. A modern study of the Oedipus complex can help us more deeply understand how the face and body of «the other” can release us from the paranoia and fear of life so prevalent today and release the power of authentic love and grace that were central to Lowen’s life and vision.

Author Biography

Garry Cockburn

Garry Cockburn, BSW(Hons), NZAP(ACP), CBT, is a local trainer of the New Zealand Society for Bioenergetic Analysis. He was President of the IIBA from 2014–2016. He has published in the Bioenergetic Journal and is in private practice in Wellington, New Zealand.
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