A Core Energetics Approach to Negativity


  • Odila Weigand




spirituality, negativity, energy and consciousness, negative beliefs, evolution


John Pierrakos had been formerly Alexander Lowen’s partner in the creation of Bioenergetics. When they parted, John developed his work in the direction of integrating spirituality in therapy, researching into the relationship of energy and consciousness, energetic fields, positive and negative energies. From the point of view of psychotherapy, the character is derived from the relationship with parents, in uterine life and after birth. The spiritual view however is that our character or our negativity is the heritage we are born with in order to evolve by transforming it during our lifetime. Negative energy is but positive energy of love (contact) and aggression (progression, work, knowledge) that turned against itself. Negative beliefs sustain energy stagnation and the maintenance of blocks. This means that moving energy from its encrustations in body blocks is not enough for change. Therapy needs to clarify and explore the negative beliefs underneath body blocks. Understanding the difference between mask and lower self allows the therapist to energize the stagnant energy of the mask and help the client to own the force of the energy invested in the lower self. A fragment of a session illustrates the work of energizing the mask, expressing the lower self and incorporating a new life affirming attitude.

Author Biography

Odila Weigand

Odila Weigand, born 1943, PhD Clinical Psychology, International Trainer IIBA, also trained in Family Therapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis. Works in private practice in São Paulo and teaches Bioenergetic Analysis in Sao Paulo, Americana and Cachoeiro de Itapemirim. Teaches in the Core Energetics Program in Brasilia, DF. Author of the book: Grounding e Autonomia. A Análise Bioenergética revisitada. Sao Paulo, Ed. Person, 1996.
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