Compulsions and Personality Disorders

Homicides and Suicides: a Social Health Issue Based on Bioenergetic Analysis


  • Mara Luiza Vieira Ceroni
  • Cláudia Abude



Schizoid personality disorder (SPD), rampage shooter, compulsion, bioenergetics analysis, creativity


This article proposes a reflection on the possible causes and diagnosis of people involved in violent shootings. The policies for prevention of those social tragedies remain somewhat controversial and vaguely addressed, lacking theoretical attention (Rocque & Duwe, 2018). One of the main diagnoses involved in those cases, according to literature, is Schizoid Personality Disorder-SPD with characteristics of detachment, isolation and difficulties of contact with other human beings (DSM-5, 2013). The loss of capacity to establish social relationships and intimacy hamper and may sometimes impede a psychological treatment based on connection possibilities. Juvenile violence statistics increased dramatically in the last 50 years and because of this, early diagnosis is important for the prevention and treatment of these cases. At the same time, further research and case studies are a pressing need (Rocque, 2017). For diagnosed SPD patients, Bioenergetics Analysis stands out in a scenario in which rapprochement and contact are a priority, also as an approach that is open to new care techniques and alternatives investigations in helping people to open their hearts to life and love. If this objective is not achieved, the outcome, according to Lowen (1991) is tragic.

Author Biographies

Mara Luiza Vieira Ceroni

Mara Luiza Vieira Ceroni, MSc, CBT is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in São Paulo, Brazil and on the teaching compulsion class in the Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis IABSP. She is member of IIBA.

Cláudia Abude

Cláudia Abude is a licensed psychologist in Brazil since 2009. She has a private practice in São Paulo and has specialized in Hospital Psychology. She has also been working with transgender clients in group and individual psychotherapy sessions since 2013. She is currently finishing her training in Bioenergetics Analysis, writing her thesis on compulsions.
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Ceroni, M. L. V., & Abude, C. (2019). Compulsions and Personality Disorders: Homicides and Suicides: a Social Health Issue Based on Bioenergetic Analysis. Bioenergetic Analysis, 29(1), 79–97.