The Present Dilemma of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy at Risk


  • Maê Nascimento



This paper intends to be a warning for us, psychotherapists, to be carefully attuned to the huge changes presented by the cultural mutation we are going through and to get ready to adjust to the new era. It describes some of the directions where the current cultural forces are leading to, turning the human being into less reflexive and more tuned to the outside, taken by appearance and living poor and superficial relationships – with self and others. Then, it gives some suggestions towards ways to recover a deeper connection with one’s real essence. Yet it focuses on and values Bioenergetics as being a great path to get there and claims that the momentum for bioenergetic therapists is to give more emphasis to help people go towards the inside in compensation for the tremendous strength of the external reality pulling us to the outside. Finally, it brings the description of two body exercises as suggestions to work energetically with the body in order to achieve that new place.

Author Biography

Maê Nascimento

Maê Nascimento is a licensed psychologist working is private practice In São Paulo. She has taught in Bioenergetics trainings and in independent groups. She is interested in making connections between Bioenergetics views and those of theories regarding expansion of consciousness. She is currently a member of the BOT of IIBA and also a member of the LESSEX (Laboratory and research in human health and sexuality) – a group of researchers of PUCSP (a Brazilian university in São Paulo).
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Nascimento, M. (2022). The Present Dilemma of Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy at Risk. Bioenergetic Analysis, 24(1), 11–31.