The Merciless God of Gravity and the Organism’s Humble Reply


  • Arild Hafstad



Gravity adaptation, Tensegrity, Bioenergetic economy, Self Regulation, Organismic balance


Gravity is one of the four basic forces in nature. Life forms must adapt to gravity pull. This paper addresses two questions: 1. In life forms, how does gravity work and how is it basically handled? 2. What are the advantages of gravity integration, the organismic response we have inherited from nature? Historical contributions from A. Lowen, P.M. Helfaer, S. Keleman and Ida Rolf along with new knowledge are shortly reviewed. The principle of biotensegrity is presented as a feasible mechanism for organismic anti-gravity regulation. Implications for the field of bioenergetics at both the cell level and for the human organism as a whole are presented. What are the advantages of gravity integration, in the form of biotensegrity? Tensegrity structures in the body have the valuable property of self correction in response to gravity. By serving as a soft yielding response, tensegrity manages to integrate gravity as a resource for vitality and energetic economy. Also it promotes organismic unity and is involved in the healing function of bioenergetic flow and pulsation. This examination shows above all one crucial fact: Since human beings stand erect on two feet, variation in postural balance becomes a variable that makes a great difference. Balancing capacity is a resource that makes a difference from the individual cell to the person as a whole. We may suspect that even at the level of Social Self balancing capacity is a source of integration and healing.

Author Biography

Arild Hafstad

Arild Hafstad was born in 1957 in Oslo, Norway, where he lives and works. Graduate psychologist 1983, clinical psychologist 1988, chief psychologist 1988–1993. Full time private practice from 1993. C.B.T. in 2004. President in the Norwegian Society for Bioenergetic Analysis 2006–2010. Assistant trainer in BA training group 2007–2010. Published in the European Journal of Bioenergetic Analysis 2008. Board member in The Norwegian Forum for Character Analysis. He is conducting workshops in Bioenergetic Analysis.
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Hafstad, A. (2022). The Merciless God of Gravity and the Organism’s Humble Reply. Bioenergetic Analysis, 23(1), 111–133.