A Never-ending Plight for Authentic Love

Handling Schizoid Ambivalence


  • Iana Carolina Maciel Franza




schizoid, ambivalence, love, hostility, authenticity, therapeutic relationship


«Schiz” is a Latinized word-forming element that means split, division or cleavage. In German, the word schizoid, turned up in the 1920’s meaning «resembling schizophrenia”, from the combination of (gr.) schiz + (gr.) oeides, «like”, form eidos, form or shape. In The Betrayal of the Body, The Language of the Body, and Bioenergetics, Dr. Lowen’s works that most thoroughly teach us his views about the schizoid character structure, it becomes evident that the story of the schizoid split is a one of very early rejection and hostile hatred, culminating in profound, many times painfully misunderstood, inner torment. The following article offers some considerations about the schizoid structure illustrated by an analysis of clinical work with a client. Reflecting upon the theoretical proposal of how interaction, in this case, may be felt particularly as an oppressive inner ambivalence, this paper will present considerations about handling with a schizoid client in the therapeutic setting.

Author Biography

Iana Carolina Maciel Franza

Iana Carolina Maciel Franza is a Psychologist and Trainee in Bioenergetic Analysis (SABERJ) in Rio de Janeiro.
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Franza, I. C. M. (2021). A Never-ending Plight for Authentic Love: Handling Schizoid Ambivalence. Bioenergetic Analysis, 31(1), 95–110. https://doi.org/10.30820/0743-4804-2021-31-95