Self-Regulation and Psychodynamics in Bioenergetic Analysis

An Approach to Advanced Training


  • Jens Tasche



Bioenergetic Analysis, psychodynamics, structural disorders, affect regulation, organization of the mental defense


This article presents ten theses containing theoretical considerations for a postgraduate curriculum as currently tested by the Polish Society for Bioenergetic Analysis. The bioenergetic notion of the self, of affect regulation and of mental defense are modified in order to allow for psychodynamic conflict-, structureand trauma-pathological concepts to be integrated into Bioenergetic Analysis. Among other advantages, this approach facilitates the work with structural disorders (narcissism, borderline personality disorder) in Bioenergetic Analysis.

Author Biography

Jens Tasche

Jens Tasche is a certified social worker (German Diplom), Certified Bioenergetic Analyst, author of the book Körperpsychotherapie zwischen Bioenergetik und Psychoanalyse (English translation: Body-Oriented Psychotherapy between Bioenergetics and Psychoanalysis) and editor of the book Bioenergetik als mentalisierende Körperpsychotherapie (English translation: Bioenergetics as a Mentalizing Body-Oriented Psychotherapy) together with Reinhard Weber-Steinbach. He conducts his own practice as a body-oriented psychotherapist, supervisor, coach and trainer in Berlin (Germany). His main interest lies in possible connections between the vitality of the bioenergetic method and the differentiation of the psychodynamic/psychoanalytical framework.
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Tasche, J. (2021). Self-Regulation and Psychodynamics in Bioenergetic Analysis: An Approach to Advanced Training. Bioenergetic Analysis, 31(1), 59–78.