Life Force: The Source of Self-Regulation, Love and Bonding

The Therapeutic Functions It Underlies


  • Guy Tonella



life force, regulatory homeostasis, ESMER functions, therapist’ functions


«Life force” is at the core of the prodigious upsurge in the complexification of the living, from the bacterium to the human being, thanks to the life force’s regulating principle: «homeostasis”. Lowen had faith in the life force, in the unsuspecting skills of the human organism, in his intelligence, in his capacities of self-regulation. We, bioenergetic therapists, are today «ferrymen” between the atom and the spirit, «ferrymen” between nature and culture, «ferrymen” between individual homeostasis and ecological homeostasis, «ferrymen” between the grounding in the earth and the oceanic feeling. We transmit to our patients these bonds of attachment that unite us both to humanity and to nature: these links are sensori-emotional in nature, intrinsically intelligent and deeply regulating.

Author Biography

Guy Tonella

Dr Guy Tonella is a Doctor in Clinical Psychology, CES of Psycho-physiology, Certified Bioenergetic Therapist, Co-Director of the Collège Français d’Analyse Bioénergétique, Member of the IIBA Faculty. He was Professor of Psychology at Toulouse University for 20 years. He teaches in most European countries and in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China and New Zealand. He is in private practice in Toulouse in France.
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Tonella, G. (2020). Life Force: The Source of Self-Regulation, Love and Bonding: The Therapeutic Functions It Underlies. Bioenergetic Analysis, 30(1), 59–74.