Intersubjectivity in the Construction of Boundaries

Between yes and no


  • Patrizia Moselli



Intersubjectivity, boundaries, attachment, therapy dyad


This article examines intersubjectivity and infant-mother attachment issues in relation to psychotherapy. From this view it is argued that the therapist-client dynamics form the core of the therapy work. Boundaries are looked at through Bioenergetic concepts. The paper concludes with treatment techniques that increase healthy boundaries.

Author Biography

Patrizia Moselli

Patrizia Moselli, Psychotherapist, Director of S.I.A.B. (Italian Society for Bioenergetic Analysis) and Past President F.I.A.P. (Italian Federation of Psychotherapy Associations), BOT member of SIPSIC (Italian Society for Psychotherapy), IIBA International Trainer, Faculty and BOT member (IIBA). Senior trainer also in the person-centered approach, she worked with Carl Rogers in facilitating intercultural encounter groups in Italy, Ireland and Hungary. Author of the book, “The Wounded Healer. The psychotherapist’s vulnerability” (last reprint 2015) on countertransference. Co-editor of the volume, “Clinical dimensions and theoretical models of the therapeutic relationship” (2009). Editor of, “Our affective sea. Psychotherapy as a journey” (2010). Collaboration, as author, for the “National and International Psychotherapy Dictionary” edited by Salvini and Nardone (2013). Many of her essays are published in Italian and international magazines and she’s the author of several scientific articles.
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Moselli, P. (2017). Intersubjectivity in the Construction of Boundaries: Between yes and no. Bioenergetic Analysis, 27(1), 9–19.