Bioenergetic Stool Work in the Lying Down Position and Star-like Life Energy Pulsation


  • Margherita Giustiniani



Bioenergetic Stool, Life Energy, Heart, Pulsing, Trauma


The starting point is Alexander Lowen’s bioenergetic stool work, the importance and deepness of its meanings and its therapeutic effects. Then a similar work on these principles, but with the patient in the lying position, is presented and illustrated in its meanings and effects on re-centering and connecting the person towards self-acceptance, love, inner freedom and joy of life. It has been practiced and developed by the author in her office to meet the needs of clients with fragile structures because of major precocious traumas or for clients who have been traumatized by an excessive use of technology and disrespectful invasiveness and a lack of sensibility and trustworthiness by some mass media. This kind of position is also effective from the diagnostic point of view. It is not a substitute for the classic bioenergetic stool work, but a variation to meet the needs mentioned above.

Author Biography

Margherita Giustiniani

Margherita Giustiniani, CBT, B.A. local trainer, founding and teaching member of S.I.A.B. (Società Italiana di Analisi Bioenergetica) was born in 1940 in Turin, Italy. She now lives and works in Rome. She belongs to the first Italian B.A. training group. She was still a teacher in the public middle school at that time and she had introduced bioenergetic exercises in her school classes with very good results for her pupils. After having organized updating courses for the teachers in the school on sexual education, she left the state school sector and dedicated herself only to psychotherapy private practice, teaching in S.I.A.B. training groups. She has also been S.I.A.B. School Director from 1992 to 1994, and organized and led, with the cooperation of some colleagues, some experiential workshops on love and sexuality, Eros and spirituality, the importance of breathing to get in touch with oneself etc. on Santorini Island, Greece, in the years from 1988 till 1995. Finally she has written some articles for professional magazines, given lectures for S.I.A.B. and participated in national and international conferences.
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Giustiniani, M. (2022). Bioenergetic Stool Work in the Lying Down Position and Star-like Life Energy Pulsation. Bioenergetic Analysis, 23(1), 63–74.