Integrating Brain, Mind, and Body: Clinical and Therapeutic Implications of Neuroscience

An Introduction


  • Margit Koemeda-Lutz



bioenergetic analysis, body psychotherapy, neuroscience, psychosomatics, complex systems


This paper presents a tentative assessment of what Bioenergetic Therapists may take out of the proliferating neuroscientific findings of the past two to three decades. A few examples are picked to demonstrate that different levels of observation – the sociobehavioral, the psychodynamic, the physiological and the cellular-biochemical – are equally relevant to an understanding of the complexity of human experiencing, information processing and functioning. Interventions on any of these levels can induce change on the same and/or any of the other levels: an increase of subjectively experienced stress, an activation of certain promotors and genes, synthesis and release of certain hormones, aggressive behaviour etc. All these processes are interconnected in highly complex systems. A short case vignette at the end recommends that clinicians acquire as much scientifically based explicit knowledge as possible, but that in moment-to-moment interactions with their patients they must also rely on their intuition and what has become «implicit” in their personality as psychosomatically oriented therapists.

Author Biography

Margit Koemeda-Lutz

Margit Koemeda-Lutz, Dr. Dipl.Psych., is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice at Zürich and Ermatingen, Switzerland; she is coordinating trainer for the Swiss Society for Bioenergetic Analysis and Therapy (SGBAT) and faculty member of the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (IIBA). She has been presenting and training in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the USA. She has been a study group member in a neuropsychological research project at the University of Konstanz, FRG (1978–1985); founding member and co-organizer of annual psychotherapy conferences “Breitensteiner Psychotherapiewochen” (1981–2000); and member of the executive committee SGBAT (1994–2001). She is presently a member of the scientific committee of the Swiss Charter for Psychotherapy and author and editor of several books and articles on psychosomatic psychotherapy and its effectiveness (see, and
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