Trusting the Wisdom of the Failing Body

From Well-Being to Illness: A Journey towards Wholeness


  • Louise Fréchette



Through research data and clinical vignettes, this article analyzes the question of physical illness within the paradigm of a personal development process. It argues that physical illness should not be interpreted as a failure to live up to our Bioenergetic Analysis values and principles. Instead, physical illness can be viewed as an integral part of a person’s personal growth journey; as a manifestation of guidance from our organism; and as an attempt from our body to steer us towards a path that may lead to deeper emotional and spiritual healing.

Author Biography

Louise Fréchette

Louise Fréchette is a clinical psychologist. She was certified as a bioenergetic analyst in 1982 has been working ever since in private practice in Montreal. Starting in 1987, she has been teaching Bioenergetic Analysis in Canada, in the United states, in France, Belgium, Spain, Argentina and New Zealand. She has also been trained in Psychosynthesis and in Ericksonian hypnosis.
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Fréchette, L. (2022). Trusting the Wisdom of the Failing Body: From Well-Being to Illness: A Journey towards Wholeness. Bioenergetic Analysis, 20(1), 53–77.