Giving oneself to body and to life


  • Ana Lúcia Faria



giving oneself, body, life, Bioenergetics


This text contemplates both my own personal issues and a theorization about giving oneself to body and to life, while taking Bioenergetic Analysis as the main reference. The issue around giving oneself, that is, of giving to one’s self and to life is fundamental in the work of Alexander Lowen; I also consider this topic to be a determining factor, since it has traversed and given sense to my life at both the personal and professional levels.

Author Biography

Ana Lúcia Faria

Ana Lúcia Faria, CRP: 06/09321, Psychologist, Reich Psychotherapist/Sedes sapientiae Institute and Bioenergetic Analyst/SOBAB (Brazilian Society of Bioenergetic Analysis. Member of the Teaching Committee and International Trainer/SOBAB. Member of FLAAB (Latin America Federation of Bioenergetic Analysis); Representative of FLAAB at FENPB (Forum of National Entities of Brazilian Psychologist); Representative of FLAAB at ULAPSI and member of GT-18- ULAPSI (Latin America Union of Psychology Entities).
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Faria, A. L. (2023). Giving oneself to body and to life. Bioenergetic Analysis, 33(1), 71–79.