Fascia and friends

Character structures in fascia and brain


  • Thomas Heinrich




fascia, character structures, proprioception, Bioenergetic analysis


According to Wilhelm Reich, character structures and their underlying unresolved conflicts are fixed in chronic muscle tensions in early childhood. Fascia research, on the other hand, shows that these psychogenic chronic muscle tensions are fixed in the fascia system. In addition to its form-giving function, the fascia system is above all a complex information system that changes via stimuli registered here. How can the results of this research area help to better understand the work with Bioenergetic analysis? How can Bioenergetic analysts become even more effective in their work in the future?

Author Biography

Thomas Heinrich

Thomas Heinrich, Dipl.-Psych., Certified Advanced Rolfer™, CBT since 2001, member of the South German Society for Bioenergetic Analysis (SGfBA) and faculty member of the IIBA since 2015, has focused in recent years on the anatomical foundations of Bioenergetic Analysis particularly in his work with traumatized clients and those with non-heterosexual orientation as well as non-cis gender identity.
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Heinrich, T. (2023). Fascia and friends: Character structures in fascia and brain. Bioenergetic Analysis, 33(1), 19–39. https://doi.org/10.30820/0743-4804-2023-33-19