Bodies In Disassociation: Microaggressions and Re-traumatization

FromIsolation to Connection


  • Helen Resneck-Sannes



disassociation, microaggression, racism, bias, re-traumatization, empathy


The following is a Keynote given at the 2021 Bioenergetic Pre-Conference in Brazil. It describes how members of an institute or a therapist can precipitate re-traumatizations by not empathically connecting with a person’s description of prejudicial and racial trauma in her history. The process of disassociation is described, as well as a path for empathic understanding.

Author Biography

Helen Resneck-Sannes

Helen Resneck-Sannes, Ph.D., is a psychologist in private practice, and has lectured and taught in universities and colleges. She is a well-published author and is most known for her ability to integrate diverse concepts into the theory and practice of bioenergetics. She is a member of the international faculty, and has been a Keynote speaker at conferences, co-editor of the journal, and has led training groups in the United States, Canada, Europe and New Zealand.
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Resneck-Sannes, H. (2022). Bodies In Disassociation: Microaggressions and Re-traumatization: FromIsolation to Connection. Bioenergetic Analysis, 32(1), 67–83.