Thinking About Bioenergetic Analysis Today


  • Guy Tonella



homeostasis, adaptation, emotion as regulating factor, Bioenergetic Analysis


I gave a keynote speech about the disease of civilization at the 2nd South American Conference of Mind-Body Psychotherapy, which happened online in November, 2020. Although I had written this article before the pandemics, I had already the feeling that emotion and feeling were going down at the core of biological, social and collective regulation. Emotion’s source had become consumerism and immediate pleasure. Pandemics has brought the same social-political response through the worldwide: confinement and isolation. In these times, the bioenergetic psychotherapist can help to recover individual homeostasis and social regulation.

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Guy Tonella

Guy Tonella, Dr, is a Doctor in Clinical Psychology, CES of Psycho-physiology, Certified Bioenergetic Therapist, International IIBA Trainer and Faculty member, Co-Director of the Collège Français d’Analyse Bioénergétique. He was Professor of psychology at Toulouse University for 20 years. He teaches in most European countries and in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, and China. He is in private practice in Toulouse in France.
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