Bioenergetics Going Forward


  • Susan Kanor



prejudice, domination, suffering, chaos, social clinics


Given the cultural, political, environmental and health challenges we face in 2021, we have become even more deeply aware of our own prejudices and fears. In the bioenergetic community we are called upon to respond— within ourselves, with our clients and with society at large. Bioenergetic Analysis gives us a unique and important perspective to be used as we move forward in this decade. This article asks us to consider the call to become more aware and to expand our work to include those who do not have privilege. We can look to the social clinics in Brazil as a model for reaching out beyond our middle-class private practice work.

Author Biography

Susan Kanor

Susan Kanor, MA, is a member of the International Faculty of the IIBA. She has been in private practice as a Bioenergetic therapist since 1980. She practices in Eliot, ME and in Arlington, MA in the USA.
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