Aggression as a Significant Factor in the Formation and Expression of the Self


  • Anat Gihon



Aggression, moving towards (approach), vitality, sexuality, reaching out, assertion


Aggression, in the broad sense of the term, is examined from psychoanalytic literature with a focus on Bioenergetic theory and treatment. Clinical material enhances the exploration of working with aggression in patients, including energetic work with breath, grounding, boundary setting and expressive movements. This paper explores dealing with aggression when working with weaker structures, while working from a relational matrix and when encountering issues of countertransference.

Author Biography

Anat Gihon

Anat Gihon, M.A. is a Movement Expressive therapist and a certified Bioenergetic Analyst living and practicing in Israel. She is a member of the IIBA faculty and head of the Training Committee for the Israeli Society for Bioenergetic Analysis, of which she was amongst its founders. Since 1987, Anat has had extensive experience in teaching the theory and practice of Bioenergetic Analysis in private workshops, academic programs for Movement Therapy and in the Training program of the ISBA. She is a graduate of the program for psychotherapy of the Israeli Institute for Psychoanalysis.
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Gihon, A. (2018). Aggression as a Significant Factor in the Formation and Expression of the Self. Bioenergetic Analysis, 28(1), 75–97.