Body Resonance and the Voice


  • Vita Heinrich-Clauer



bioenergetic vocal expression, vocal discharge, charging-containing, tonicity


This article focuses on bioenergetic principles and the link between emotions and the voice, discussing various approaches to vocal expression in the psychotherapeutic process. There is an examination of the idiosyncrasies of bioenergetic work with the voice in contrast to therapeutic approaches that work solely with the body. There is an important distinction for practical bioenergetic work between liberating vocal discharge on the one hand and the build-up of tone, boundaries and self-efficacy on the other hand (cf. Shapiro, 2006, 2008, 2009).

Author Biography

Vita Heinrich-Clauer

Dr. Vita Heinrich-Clauer, Dipl. Psych., former researcher and teacher at the University of Osnabrück in psychological diagnostics, psychosomatic medicine, physical diagnostics, and developmental psychology. Since 1989, psychotherapist in private practice, supervisor, lecturer, writer, international trainer for bioenergetic analysis (IIBA faculty).
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Heinrich-Clauer, V. (2016). Body Resonance and the Voice. Bioenergetic Analysis, 26(1), 137–157.