Feeling Ridiculous and the Emotion of Shame in Physical Experiences During Analysis


  • Giuseppe Carzedda




self defects, emotions of self-consciousness, shame, ridiculousness, narcissism, inter-subjectivity, grounding


In this article, a clinical case is discussed according to Bioenergetic Analysis, focusing on the theme of shame and its presence in the patient’s inner experience of feeling ridiculous when carrying out physical exercise proposed during psychotherapy. Two aspects of the therapeutic process are highlighted: first, how the elaboration of this feeling can begin at the very early stages of therapy and second, how within dyadic analysis, the resulting complex and intense affective valences implied can render the approach to such a task quite problematic. Such difficulties lead to the reconsideration of the role of the emotion of shame. Generally, it must be recognized as an integral part of the process of the individual’s psychological development; the relevance of intersubjectivity within the analytic relationship is rendered even more evident. From this theoretical/clinical perspective, considerations derived from a phenomenological approach are recognized as having particular importance, as even imagined looks can assume a central relevance along the two-way relationship bridge that unites the therapist with the patient.

Author Biography

Giuseppe Carzedda

Giuseppe Carzedda, Pyschology graduate and private psychotherapist in Rome. Director of the Four-year Psychotherapy Training School based on the Bionenergetics Analysis method recognized by the Italian government (University Ministry) in 1998. President of the Italian Bioenergetics Analysis Training Institute (IIFAB, Istituto Italiano di Formazione in Analisi Bioenergetica) based in Rome and of the Italian Association for Body Therapy (AIPC, Associazione Italiana per la Psicoterapia Corporea), the Italian section of the EABP (European Association for Body Psychotherapy). Became CBT in 1986 and local trainer in 1998.
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Carzedda, G. (2015). Feeling Ridiculous and the Emotion of Shame in Physical Experiences During Analysis. Bioenergetic Analysis, 25(1), 121–144. https://doi.org/10.30820/0743-4804-2015-25-121