Interview with Eleanor Greenlee


  • John Conger



The following is an interview done by trainer John Conger of his mentor, IIBA trainer emerita Eleanor Greenlee from Northern California, USA. She speaks very simply of the value of staying grounded and present in her role as therapist. Eleanor says the goal is to, «Feel yourself and be present, see the other person and what they experience. If you are present with them, they tell you everything.”

Author Biography

John Conger

Dr. Conger, a psychologist and psychoanalyst, is also an international trainer in Bioenergetic Analysis. He is the author of (1988, 2004) Jung and Reich, the Body as Shadow and (1994) the Body in Recovery. Somatic Psychotherapy and the Self. Dr. Conger teaches at the California Institute of Integral Studies and Meridian University, and conducts his own training in analytic and somatic practice. He has a private practice in Berkeley, Ca., USA.
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