The Expression of an Age-Old Need for Company

Infant Research and Bioenergetic Analysis


  • Nicoletta Cinotti



self-regulation, still-face, interactive regulation, dyadic state of consciousness


This article aims to explore the subject of the dialogue between bioenergetic analysis and infant research. The still-face paradigm will be introduced, allowing the processes of self-regulation and interactive regulation to be explored, as well as the bodily root of emotion regulation, and showing a way to use the results of scientific research to enrich our clinical and training resources. Theoretical exposition will be followed by the presentation of a short clinical study, which illustrates the possibility of intervention using this paradigm.

Author Biography

Nicoletta Cinotti

Nicoletta Cinotti, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Italian Bioenergetic Analyst, CBT Supervisor (Siab) and teacher on the SIAB course for counsellors in body mediation and on the SIAB training course for psychotherapists. She is interested in regulation of emotion in body psychotherapy and how to work to integrate self-regulation and interactive regulation in body psychotherapy and bioenergetic analysis. She wrote several publications on bioenergetic analysis. She works with Clinical activity as a psychotherapist, treating individuals, groups and couples in Genoa and Chiavari and provides residential psychotherapy seminars.
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Cinotti, N. (2022). The Expression of an Age-Old Need for Company: Infant Research and Bioenergetic Analysis. Bioenergetic Analysis, 22(1), 87–107.