Your Core Energy is Within Your Grasp


  • Bennett Shapiro



boundary, charge, contain, energetic, exercises


This paper, an abridgement of a 55-page paper, Curling: Exercises and Notes, highlights a new gentle approach to stimulating instinctual life-energy, helping restore natural energetic pulsation, and providing containment for building boundaries. A soft curling and uncurling of the fingers and/or toes, in rhythm with the regular breathing pattern, brings up a mild, expansive, pleasurable energetic charge, which can then be augmented with simple body movements, eyes and words to help repossess repressed natural instincts. If stronger, more assertive energy is desired, the curl can be held tighter and longer. This paper outlines six Curling exercises, useful both in the therapeutic setting and as self-help. The exercises can be done standing, sitting or lying down, and can be both relaxing and/or revitalizing. Some exercises can be done in bed, for helping to fall asleep, for example, or for an invigorating way to wake up.

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Bennett Shapiro

Bennett Shapiro, Ph.D. is a member of the IIBA Faculty and teaches in the U.S., Canada and Europe. He has a private practice in Victoria, B.C., Canada. He has written more than 30 papers on various aspects of Bioenergetics and is now extending and consolidating them into six workbooks titled Explorations in Energizing Psychotherapy.
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Shapiro, B. (2022). Your Core Energy is Within Your Grasp. Bioenergetic Analysis, 18(1), 65–91.