Paradigms for Bioenergetic Analysis At the dawn of the 21st Century


  • Guy Tonella



Bioenergetic Analysis, Paradigms, Self, Attachment, Intersubjective


First, basic Lowenian paradigms are first reviewed, followed by updated bioenergetic paradigms, integrating contemporary theoretical and clinical contributions, articulated around the concept of Self: – adaptive motility – sexual motility – motility of attachment Three methodologies are distinguished: – working on conflicts – working on deficits – working on traumas Therapeutic intersubjective relationship is distinguished from analytical relationship. A developmental model from these up-dated bioenergetic paradigms is proposed. Lastly, a sociological approach is outlined as development of bioenergetic technique in a perspective of a «shared world”.

Author Biography

Guy Tonella

Guy Tonella, Doctor in Clinical Psychology, Master in Psychophysiology, Psychotherapist, Co-Director of the Collège Français d’Analyse Bioénergétique, Member of the Faculty of the IIBA working with training groups in most of the European countries, Argentina, Brazil and Canada. He taught psychology at the University of Toulouse (France) for 20 years. He wrote “L’Analyse Bioénergétique” (Dalilo, Paris, 1994), “Analisis Bioenergetica” (Gaia, Madrid, 2000), chapters in “Handbuch der körperpsychotherapie” (Stuttgart, Schattauer, 2006), in “Les Résiliences” (Erès, Toulouse, 2007), and around 40 articles in professional magazines.
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Tonella, G. (2022). Paradigms for Bioenergetic Analysis At the dawn of the 21st Century. Bioenergetic Analysis, 18(1), 27–59.