Bioenergetic Analysis and Contemporary Psychotherapy: Further Considerations

Dialoging with Other Modalities and the Neurosciences


  • Angela Klopstech



neuroscience, limbic system, optimal arousal level, mirror neurons, body-oriented interventions


This article attempts to make a case for the integration of neuroscience research and theory into the field of Bioenergetic Analysis, and body psychotherapy in general. It is argued that such an integration might lead to a better dialogue between body psychotherapies and more traditional schools of therapy. After discussing basic neuroscience terms a basic bioenergetic concept, «energetic charge”, is reviewed in the light of neuropsychological models; in this context the concept of a «window of tolerance” comes into play. Then, illuminated by the description of two concrete therapy situations, the author demonstrates how body oriented interventions might have an influence on brain activity. This, it is argued, points to the necessity of more focus on the body in traditional psychotherapy, as well as to the necessity of integrating appropriate body oriented interventions into the repertoire of traditional psychotherapy. In this context, a propositon for ‘multi-lingual’ understanding and language, bioenergetic, neuropsychological and relational, is made, in order to ease our communication with other modalities.

Author Biography

Angela Klopstech

Angela Klopstech has been a faculty member of the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis for more than 25 years, and has taught in training groups in both the US and Europe. She has major interests in the artful conceptualization of the therapy process, the role and importance of precise and evocative language, and the translation and bridging between the various domains of the psychological and the physical. She is currently in private practice in New York City.
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Klopstech, A. (2022). Bioenergetic Analysis and Contemporary Psychotherapy: Further Considerations: Dialoging with Other Modalities and the Neurosciences. Bioenergetic Analysis, 18(1), 114–136.