Shame In The Light Of Sex And Self-Respect


  • Philip M. Helfaer



treatment of shame, bioenergetic analysis, self-respect, bioenergetic therapy of shame, self-hate system

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Philip M. Helfaer

A bioenergetic perspective on shame and its treatment is presented. Therapeutic work with shame will be seen as an intrinsic aspect of bioenergetic analysis. The nature of shame from the psychodynamic, the energetic, and the characterological points of view are all discussed. The unique and specific contributions that a bioenergetic approach offers to understanding and treating problematic shame and shame related issues are presented. From a developmental point of view, shame is viewed within the context of the development of sexuality as well as self-hood. The significant concepts of ›self-respect‹ and the ›self-hate system‹ and their relevance to shame are elucidated. Specific treatment issues and approaches are presented from the bioenergetic perspective.
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Helfaer, P. M. (2022). Shame In The Light Of Sex And Self-Respect. Bioenergetic Analysis, 17(1), 57–79.