Editorial Note

Bioenergetic Analysis • The Clinical Journal of the IIBA, 2023 (33), 7–8

https://doi.org/10.30820/0743-4804-2023-33-7 CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 www.bioenergetic-analysis.com

Dear colleagues of the Bioenergetics community,

One more year has passed by and here we are with a new volume of our journal. After very difficult times dealing with the pandemic, we lived 2022 with relief, thinking that we had left it behind us, and it was like a fresh air making us feel free to be out in the world again. Now we know that maybe we will never get free of the corona virus, but we have at least some resources – like the vaccine, which can help us to face it more hopefully!

First of all, I would like to communicate that the Editorial Board has been through big changes: Leia Cardenuto has been very occupied in her function as the president of IIBA, which she has been doing wonderfully, and for this she needed to stay away from the important work she used to do for the journal.

Garry Cockburn has brought up his need for a break from the journal this year, due to a new phase he is going through in his life – his retirement and all practical movements which this new enterprise demands. In the face of the enormous challenge such a situation brought up, we called Vincentia Schroeter for help, and she kindly and promptly accepted to be part of the editorial board again for this past year. We worked together for a long time in the past and this work has always been rich and harmonious! I cannot thank her enough for bringing again her wisdom and expertise to the editorial task.

And we always appreciate and count on with Rosaria Filloni’s expertise as a consultant for online matters!

Now, about this volume we have here some interesting papers bringing new insights and ideas to enrich Bioenergetic Analysis.

We have a special piece on Bioenergetics history, written by Robert Coffman. It refreshes our memory over the developmental process of the clinical approach that we embrace. Then we have Thomas Heinrich bringing new ideas and concepts about the fascia, which so contributes to deepening body work with our clients.

Homayoun Shahri shares with us his therapeutic bond with Bob Hilton and how this living story brings together clinical theory and practice in a deep and meaningful reunion.

We also have an article by Scott Baum, that brings up an ancient – but always updated theme in our civilization: maleness versus femaleness. His view of men’s envy of the woman’s womb is fascinating!

You can read about dancing as a healthy strategy for the aliveness of the body and good living in the paper by Ana Lúcia Faria.

Laurie Ure presents a paper on defensive styles, which are related to character types but is presented as a more fluid form by which a person defends herself.

And finally very sad news: Philip Halfaer has passed away last October. Four of his friends gather to write a beautiful eulogy in his honor.

At this point we invite all the Bioenergetic therapists to participate in the journal to share their thoughts and ideas with the whole community. That is how we keep our knowledge alive and evolving!

Enjoy the reading!

Maê Nascimento
Chief Editor